Queer tango goes to Russia

4 min. 21 sec.

The most outstanding international queer tango representatives are going to a queer tango festival in St.Petersburg, but the harsh reality of contemporary Russia may pose some real challenges to them. Is there a place for such an event in Russian society?

The story will follow festivals’ preparation, focusing on the culmination of the event and its outcome in the wider political and social context. Daily struggles of the Russians organizing the event and the visiting queer tango dancers will be uncovered. From Europe to Russia and back, the kaleidoscope of stories will bring all characters at the singular meeting point - Queer tango festivals in St. Petersburg. When narrow-minded traditionalism and xenophobia are rife in the world, it is important to continue to dance tango no matter what gender, sexual orientation or country you are from.

Directed by Aleksandr M. Vinogradov
Cinematography by Tanya Haurylchyk
Produced by Van Osch Film
Co-produced by VideoVam

Stage of the project: post-production.  
We are looking for investors or partners / co-producers / distributors and broadcasters for the project.